A selection of inspirational vegans from across Australia and the globe.

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Clare Mann is a vegan psychologist, communications trainer and author.  She is the author of Vystopa: The Anguish of Being Vegan in a Non Vegan World and works with individuals and animal protection agencies all over the world to help them be part of the solution of bringing about a vegan world.  

WORKSHOP: Clare will be hosting a workshop discussing the concept of, and how to practically cope when living with Vystopia. 

Brett Cobley (Epivegan) is a vegan chef and egalitarian that believes: good food and open conversation can change the world. Going vegan started Brett on a path to sell his: house, car and possessions to fund his journey to help the world go vegan. He launched his debut cookbook "WHAT VEGANS EAT" on December 27th and won UK ITV Television show "The Big audition" Brett is committed to help the world go vegans one meal at a time.

COOKING DEMO: Smokey Bean Stew from his book 'What Vegans Eat'

TALK: 'The Boundaries of Veganism'  This is a look at societal pressures and social interaction. What makes effective communication and how we communicate in accordance to the social pyramid.

Joanne Lee has been vegan for 4 years and started her activism in journey in January 2017.  In September 2017 she co-founded Direct Action Everywhere (DxE) Melbourne and 3 months later led a team into a daylight slaughterhouse shutdown and rescue, where 7 lives were liberated.  She was part of the infamous Melbourne Steakhouse Disruption, which received global media attention, and she appeared on The Project and 3AW.  Her activism focuses on civil disobedience; including disruptions, shutdowns, and open rescue.  With the disbandment of DxE Melbourne mid-last year, Joanne has begun collaborating with like-minded activists, focussing on large-scale actions; most recently leaked.com.au and Meat the Victims.  Outside of activism Joanne is a Human Resources professional. The skills she has acquired through her corporate experience have had a significant influence in the way she contributes to the vegan activist community.  Her passion is inspiring vegans to get active and she does this through activist training, monthly mentoring circles and a weekly Instagram live series.

WORKSHOP: Leadership within the Animal Rights Movement.

PANEL: Empowered Womxn, Empowering Womxn, featuring: Leah Doellinger, Kate Bijkerk, Kerrie Carroll, Elizabeth Jones & Georgia Cook. 

Raw Chef Yin is Malaysia’s very own raw vegan celebrity chef with a book, a cooking show and countless demos and workshops under her belt. She trained at the world’s leading raw & plant-based culinary academy and now dedicates her time to helping others make beautiful, delicious raw vegan cuisine. 
As a Certified Raw Food Teacher, she is constantly sought after to conduct fun and interactive sessions across Asia including Bali, Taipei, Hong Kong, Singapore, Bangkok, Chiang Mai and Malaysia. She was seen recently presenting at TEDxUSMNibongTebal 2018 where she spoke on “The Transformative Power of Raw Vegan Food”. Raw Chef Yin was selected to represent Malaysia at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology Beyond Food Bootcamp, where she became part of the MIT innovation community that is working towards solving the world’s food challenges focusing on key areas of sustainability, transparency and health.

Watch her on VELICIOUS with Raw Chef Yin, Malaysia’s very first (un)cooking show or buy her book - Raw Vegan Delights: Asian Edition or attend one of her pop-up dining experiences.

Raw Totoro Onigiri 

Put a smile on someone's face and a delight in their bento boxes with this delicious rice-free treat! Easy to create, Totoro Onigiri doesn't just appeal to kids but adults too.

Inspired by the cuddly Totoro from the animated film My Neighbor Totoro, these raw vegan onigiris are super cute!
Traditionally, onigiri is made from rice as it’s a Japanese rice ball snack.

However, rice might leave you feeling bloated and sluggish so Raw Chef Yin has developed a raw vegan version instead. Just because rice doesn't agree with your tummy, doesn't mean you have to miss out on this Japanese favourite.

Made from refreshing jicama, crispy nori, and nutty black sesame seeds, these Totoro Onigiris makes the perfect snack because it looks as good as it tastes.

Come and learn how you can turn simple jicama into a flavourful snack that's packed with nutrients and the envy of your lunch mates!


Tammy Fry is an avid crossfitter, 5th dan karate and many times South African national champion, self-defence coach, surfer, business woman, public speaker, and mum of two young boys, Tammy Fry embodies health and wellness. She is the 2017 Australian Open and Queensland karate champion.

In 1981 Tammy was a born vegetarian in Durban, South Africa. Her father, Wally Fry, grew up as an animal farmer where meat was a staple in his everyday diet. Tammy’s mother, Debbie Fry, is also a lifelong vegetarian. Together they helped to inspire Wally to embrace a vegetarian diet and sparked the creation of The Fry Family Food Company.

TALK: Simplifying plant-based eating for families. 

Leah Doellinger is an animal liberation activist, she has been responsible for rescuing hundreds of victims of animal exploitation through open rescue. She founded Meat the Victims, which locks down facilities, exposes the truth of their cruel practices and liberates victims of the animal agriculture industry.  

Leah wants to help people see that animals are unique individuals with their own personalities just like us and to show the public what is really going on hidden away behind closed doors.

Leah will be supporting Joanne Lee in her workshop and also appearing on her Empowered Womxn Panel. 

Zacchary Bird  is vegan private cook and recipe writer from Melbourne, he currently cooks for private clients, teaches classes and can usually be found somewhere at a vegan festival somewhere in Australia!

He has operated a pop up ice-cream shop, worked with brands to introduce their vegan products, brought veganism to many kitchens and had his recipes shared around the world. He is into indulgent food that looks and tastes like it shouldn’t be vegan, just to prove we can!

COOKING DEMO: Popcorn CFC: cruelty free chicken, learn to make a delicious vegan version of this fried treat. 

COOKING DEMO: Spanakopita

A veganised version of this classic Greek favorite.

Jaime Fazackerley is a vegan educator and activist who is passionate about helping animals and about promoting the many benefits of a vegan lifestyle. 
With the help of the Perth vegan community he recently started a vegan community centre called The Peace Tree. The Peace Tree aims to promote veganism, animal rights, community building, sustainability, education, health and well being. 
Jaime also owns a vegan clothing label called KindCompassion Clothing and hosts regular workshops which aim to inspire vegans to become active and to learn how to communicate more effectively about veganism. 

WORKSHOP:Jaime will be hosting a vegan outreach workshop on Saturday 30th, join him and up skill your advocacy.

Louana’s love affair with cooking started from a young age. She attributes much of her knowledge to her family of whom she cooked beside in their home in Italy. She has since worked all over the world in fast-paced environments & with world renowned chefs.

She is both creative & scientific. Her Biotechnology degree sees her approach food from a scientific standpoint. She has mastered the art of substitution in her cooking to help those with food allergies.

Her creative mind explores colour, texture & flavour resulting in beautifully balanced meals.

COOKING DEMO: Using natural colours - Fruit rainbow pancake cake.
How to include beautiful colours from plants into your meals.

Rachael Parker from Greener Pastures Sanctuary will be joining us on the main stage to talk about the GPS story and the importance of supporting your local sanctuaries and the animals that live there.

Greener Pastures is a, not-for-profit farm animal sanctuary located in Waroona.
Our 100 acres of animal bliss is a permanent home to over 170 rescued
animals including horses, pigs, cows, goats, sheep, chickens, ducks, turkeys, and alpacas.

At Greener Pastures, we believe that all animals should be protected by
law from the lawful cruelty that is inflicted upon them on farms today, particularly factory farms. 

GPS achievements in 2018:

We encouraged university and community groups to get involved at the
sanctuary, including refugee families from Nuhra Life Enrichment Centre,
visitors from Ability Arts WA, young people from refugee survivor group
ASeTTS, students from UWA and Curtin University volunteer groups, high
school students with complex needs from Fairbridge College, and clients
from Richmond Wellbeing's supported accommodation. These volunteers
assisted with sanctuary duties and animal enrichment.

We provided veterinary and daily care to our over 170 animal residents
from exclusively public donations and zero paid staff. The sanctuary is
owned and run by our President Rachael Parker owner/founder of GPS, a 
small Committee, and a group of 20 regular volunteers. Veterinary costs 
alone average over $4,000 per month, without the very kind donations 
from the public we would not be able to provide the love and care to 
these vulnerable animals. 

TALK: Rachel will tell the GPS story and discuss why sanctuaries need your support. 

Mark Heyman will speak about Possum Valley, an animal sanctuary located in Mount Helena W.A. aims to prevent or relieve the suffering of native and 'farm' animals.

Possum Valley's mission is to prevent or relieve the suffering of animals by:

(a) Providing a rescue and rehabilitation service for orphaned or injured native, domestic and ‘farm’ animals;

(b) Operating a sanctuary where injured or orphaned native wildlife, incapable of returning to ‘the wild’ and farm animals who are neglected or would otherwise be destined for human consumption can spend the rest of their natural lives, without fear of unnecessary euthanasia, predation, human consumption or exploitation;

(c) Providing and/or facilitating foster care for domestic and ‘farm’ animals and finding ‘forever’ homes for animals in temporary care, so that they can live the rest of their lives as part of a family, without fear of unnecessary euthanasia, predation, human consumption or exploitation; and

(d) Educating the public about the importance of treating animals with kindness and respect for their needs and promoting lifestyle and dietary choices so as to reduce the suffering and exploitation of animals, regardless of species.

TALK: Mark will discuss the history of Possum Valley, their successes and how you can help the animals that live there. 

Seb Alex was born and raised in Lebanon, he moved to Europe in 2011 to pursue his career in Sustainable Architecture. Having worked with the UNHCR’s refugee program for a year, he took the opportunity to enter the corporate world and work as an international coordinator of projects for an architecture company in Barcelona.

A year after, he decided to leave his corporate life behind and dedicate all his time to what really speaks to his heart: animal rights advocacy.  Since then, he’s organised and joined hundreds of events mainly in Barcelona with Anonymous for the Voiceless, The Save Movement and DxE; before taking his activism abroad and joining other activists around the world to raise awareness about anti-speciesism and animal liberation.

During 2018, he gave talks on Effective Vegan Outreach, Why Veganism, Why Activism and Learning From Previous Struggles to over 900+ people across Europe (such as, but not limited to: Germany, Sweden, Turkey, Poland, Switzerland) and Australia.

TALK: Learning From Previous Struggles - discussing how we can overcome many problems within the animal rights movement and in our activism.

Courtney Henry is a local animal advocate and coordinator for the Effective Altruism Chapter in Perth.
She works part time as a researcher for an international animal not-for-profit and is part of Big Veg Events who host regular vegan community dinners.

PANEL: Courtney will host The Importance of Policy panel will include a discussion of the crucial role which political and legal advocacy has for improving the situation of animals. Panel members will include Michael Dello-Iacovo (AJP Member for Heffron, NSW), Katrina Love (AJP Member for Fremantle, WA) and Alison Xamon (Greens Member for North Metropolitan Region, WA) 

Janette Murray-Wakelin & Alan Murray have been actively following a raw vegan lifestyle for over 17 years after Janette was diagnosed with cancer and was told she had 6 months to live. As a result, the lifestyle choices she and Alan made set them both on a journey to optimal health.

Throughout the year 2013, to inspire and motivate conscious lifestyle choices, to promote kindness and compassion for all living beings and to raise environmental awareness for a sustainable future, raw vegan ultra-endurance runners Janette and Alan ran around Australia, 15,782 km, running 366 marathons (43 km) each in 366 days, no days off.

Raw The Documenatary: Janette & Alan's story, running 366 marathons on consecutive days over the course of a year, fuelled solely by raw fruit and vegetables!

After watching the story of their inspirational journey Janette & Alan will join us for a Q&A session!

Kristy Alger is an animal rights activist, mother of three and committed feminist, who lives in rural Tasmania. She is the current president of Animal Liberation Tasmania and co-organiser for Tasmanian Animal Save. Kristy engages in many different types of activism from street outreach to vigils and occasional civil disobedience. Her approach to activism is framed by a commitment to social justice and consistent anti-oppression.

TALK: In her speech Kristy will discuss the importance of empowering women in animal rights activism and the unique challenges we face in hyper masculinised spaces (hunts, slaughterhouses etc.) She will do so by talking about the strong female influences on her life that have shaped her approach and helped construct the framework within which she operates.


Re-centering Animals in the AR Movement

Addressing the issues presented by human dominance in the movement and how to create platforms from which animal voices are centred and projected ahead of our own. Kristy will draw on her own experiences in activism to frame this workshop.

Brian Turner has been a natural bodybuilder for 11 years of which about 4 of them have been vegan.  Brian boasts 305k subscribers on his YouTube channel and speaks about how he's been able to make gains on a vegan diet, battle through his tough times with acne and he shares his life weekly on social media!

TALK: Health and fitness on a vegan diet, curing his acne and bodybuilding.

Jordan and Georgia are activists from the UK and the co-founders of the non-profit organisation HeartCure. 

They began selling ethical clothing in 2016 to raise money for sanctuaries and activists and have since raised thousands for different causes. Last year they set to open the vegan social centre HeartCure Collective, which is now a hub for activism, workshops, events and more. They’re both passionate about making change and the positive impact that we as a community can have on the world.

WORKSHOP: Power of Community.
Drawing on their experience within the vegan and activist community, having launched a vegan social centre, Jordan and Georgia will share experience and insight on the power of community.

Kerrie Carroll runs Lucky Star Sanctuary in NSW. Lucky stars Sanctuary assists animals that are injured, neglected or surrendered. We provide treatment, rehabilitation and shelter until release or permanent re-homing is available. She is also passionate about the Stop Live Export campaign. 

This picture shows Kerrie and a rescue sheep Shaun. He was tied to a 4 metre rope for 3 years in an industrial area with no treatment, including shearing in that period of time. The smell was similar to rotting flesh. We managed a successful negotiation to have him released into our care.


Caring for Chickens

Roadside Rescue

Starting a Sanctuary

Joel Camp of New Ethic Plant Food. Perth's vegan chef wanting to show  Australia that eating delicious foods & eating plants doesn't have to be mutually exclusive - A plant based lifestyle isn't necessarily an exercise in discipline & deprivation but rather about experimentation, discovery & connection.

 Joel believes that love is our biggest teacher, our greates tool & that through love alone we are able to build the brightest future.

This concept forms the core of his work with New Ethic Plant Food.

A modern catering company, specialized in producing truly bespoke & eco friendly dining experiences by working closely with local, independent farmers, growers & foragers to ensure all produce served is of ethical & sustainable sources.


Joel believes in the healing power of food, it's ability to connect people, to love & nurture, and that everything and everyone has a story just waiting to be told.

COOKING DEMO: Seasonal, Regional & uncommon food pairings, an exploration.


Mippy Valentine became an animal rights activist 9 years ago after working on a dairy farm where she learnt the horrific truth of the industry.  Mippy is a front line activist and fearlessly places her self where she can help the most, speaking with the public, rescuing those in need or standing up to oppressors.  Whether it be breaking the law or fighting the social norm. she is load and clear with her message of liberation. When she isn’t fighting the good fight she is educating the masses on the truth of animal agriculture both on the streets, on-line or holding workshops around the world.  Her strength, knowledge and compassion for all living creatures makes her an incredible spokesperson for veganism.

WORKSHOP: Introduction to activism. Chalking, stickering and spreading the vegan message. 

James Warden is an animal liberation activist from here in Perth. James is one of the founders of Liberate All Beings and Direct Action Everywhere Perth. Both direct action organizations have gained repute for  forcing speciesism into dialogue, reaching millions of people worldwide. Actions carried out by these organizations include the Outback Jacks Northbridge action, Muchea Slave Yard protest, and the Harvey Fresh shooting incident, all of which have been publicized internationally.

James seeks the abolition speciesism using strategic tactics and methodology to bring tyrannical oppressors into dialogue. The philosophy of these organisations is that you cannot win if no one is talking. James aims to create space for activists to feel comfortable enough to speak up for what resonates within all of us, liberation

TALK: Why Direct Action

Kate Bijkerk is the director and founder of Deathrow Unchained animal sanctuary/ rescue. We have over 100 volunteers and saved over 2500 animals from slaughter, deathrow, neglect and abuse. We have foster based homes for our dogs and cats and have our own sanctuary which is home to pigs, cows, horses, sheep, goats, chickens , dogs , rats, guinea pigs and peacocks, we home over 100 animals at our sanctuary.

Our rescue isn’t  home to only specific species of animal, we rescue all kinds. We also run a rehoming program for our farm babies with strict screening processes. 

TALK: Kate will tell the story behind starting her sanctuary Deathrow Unchained, the difficulties and delights of providing a safe haven for many kinds of animal.

Katrina Love is the national Vice President and the WA State Convenor for the Animal Justice Party. She was the lead Senate candidate (WA) for the 2013 federal election, 2014 Senate re-election, and the 2016 federal election, and ran for the Legislative Council in South Metro Region in the 2017 WA state election, plus ran for the federal by-elections in Canning in 2015 and Fremantle in 2018, winning a record (for AJP nationally) 5.21% of the vote.

Katrina is also the Campaign Manager for Fremantle community organisation, Stop Live Exports, has been involved in that campaign for 12 years, and is a very active animal advocate, activist and ethical vegan of 10 years.  She was actively involved in the WA No Shark Cull movement which saw the Barnett government shelve plans to trial lethal shark drum lines off Perth and South West beaches for three years. Katrina also sat on the Animals Australia Executive board as the WA representative for four years and still works closely with them.

Born and raised in Sydney, Katrina has lived in Western Australia for 29 of her 57 years and is a horticulturist by trade, having spent 17 years working on native plant breeding programs at Kings Park and Botanic Garden, before giving up that career to do more for animals via Stop Live Exports, Happy Hooves Farm Sanctuary and the Animal Justice Party. She lives and works in Coogee and Fremantle, sharing her house with three free-range rescue budgies.

TALK: Katrina will discuss her involvement with Stop Live Exports and what drove her to become part of the Animal Justice Party. 

Tony and Elizabeth Boucher make up Food is Medicine Australia and have been doing this since 2015. Tony and Elizabeth both went plant based in January 2014 after an unknown debilitating fatigue illness affected Tony for two years. 

Desperate for answers, he stumbled across some information about eating plants to heal the body and decided, with the support of his wife and nothing to lose, to give it a go. 

Three days later, he felt amazing and has never looked back, and over the coming months and years, all their other chronic conditions reversed too.

Since becoming whole food plant based, Lizzie and Tony have done extensive research into the science behind eating this way. 

Tony is a scientist by background, and Lizzie has completed a Certificate in Plant based Nutrition through eCornell University in the U.S, on top of her 28 years as a Registered Nurse. 

She has also completed the Wellness Forum Health’s Food over Medicine Certification Course and at present, she is completing The Wellness Coaching course with The American College of Lifestyle Medicine. 

Whilst they are not doctors, they are extremely knowledgeable about the relationship between disease and food and determined to get this very important message out to the public.

Issac Thomas is the founder and CEO of VeganNation, a cruelty-free cryptocurrency.

VeganCoin is the fuel that drives a global vegan ecosystem. The day-to-day needs of hundreds of millions of people will be met on our blockchain-based, decentralized marketplace.

VeganNation alongside VeganCoin will empower humanity to move towards a more conscious and ethical future.

VeganNation,  strongly believe that a designated coin will not only unite vegans, but empower the community, creating a force to be reckoned with. A strong and united community will be able to have a bigger impact on pressing global issues and make the vegan lifestyle more approachable and attainable. 

TALK: 'Blockchain as Trust - We are VeganNation' introducing the concept of a vegan cryptocurreny and their place within the bigger picture; realising a vegan future.

Elizabeth Jones is a passionate, US based activist, animal rescuer and conservation biologist. She's lived and worked in the Caribbean, Central America and Europe studying issues of environmental sustainability, with a focus on global food systems. She uses her expertise to educate the general public about the adverse environmental impacts of animal agriculture, while focusing on the abuse animals endure within these systems.

Elizabeth works with Condition One, a virtual reality production and technology studio, to document compelling, lifelike experiences that take viewers to the front lines of the world's most pressing animal rights and environmental issues. Through the power of video and social media, she has been able to reach millions of people around the world with powerful footage that evokes empathy and inspires change.

Elizabeth also operates a small, non-profit animal rescue that provides care and permanent sanctuary to animals of all species. She works tirelessly to directly assist animals in need and organize actions to end speciesism.

TALK: Eating the Planet - The environmental impact of animal agriculture.

Elizabeth will also take part in Joanne Lee's panel Empowered Womxn, Empowering Womxn.